Jim walker Biography

Education & military service

Jim Walker grew up traveling from military base to military base as the son of an army officer. He attended Austin Peay State University for business administration on an Army ROTC scholarship. This required him to serve four years of active duty in the army. However, Jim ended up spending a total of 20 years in the military. During this time, he also completed a Masters degree in public administration from the University of Oklahoma. Jim is also the recipient of two Legion of Merit medals.

Jim Walker


Jim had some unique assignments that allowed him to remain in Washington and work on Capitol Hill, including being an aide to President Ronald Reagan. During Walker’s eight years as Director of Alabama’s Department of Homeland Security, he was the winner of five national awards for innovations in technology and government.

Jim was also senior state official for a number of natural disasters including hurricanes and tornadoes, as well as man-made disasters – namely the BP Oil Spill of 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico. The claims administrator, DC attorney Ken Fienberg, bestowed upon Walker the responsibility of the claims program for the state of Alabama, and later Mississippi.

When his work on the oil spill ended, Walker decided to use his experience with federal and state governments to get into local government. He spent four years as a county manager where he was the senior appointed official to a Metro Atlanta, Georgia County and a Metro Chattanooga, Tennessee County.

Black Swan Digital Forensics

Now, Jim is the President of Black Swan Digital Forensics, a technology company that specializes in data extraction from almost any device. Jim travels the United States educating and promoting Black Swan services. Their consumers include defense attorneys, public defenders, private investigators, and any others who need data recovered from a digital device.